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Economic development statistics 2022

The statistics show the economic development of Castille-La Mancha with the following facts and figures. You can download the graphic of the statistics chart.

Statistics Castille-La Mancha 2022Statistics Castille-La ManchaStatistics Castille-La Mancha 20220153045607590August 2022July 2022June 2022May 2022April 2022Number of business activitiesNew registrationUpdateDelete Statistics Castille-La-Mancha

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Economic activity September 2022

The pie chart of shows the economic activities of Castille-La Mancha in this month. This month 30 companies were registered, 20 were updated and 53 businesses were canceled.

Diagram Castille-La Mancha September 2022Diagram Castille-La ManchaDiagram Castille-La Mancha September 2022DeleteNew registrationUpdateNew registrationUpdateDelete Diagram

Geographic information

Place name:Castille-La Mancha